Equipment Design

can join the customer's engineering design project and use AutoCAD and other engineering drawing software, as well as SW6, Compress and PV Elite and other equipment calculation software to assist the customer to complete the drawing and design of static equipment such as containers, heat exchangers and towers. At the same time, the Chinese drawing can also cooperate with customers to produce inquiry drawings, mechanical design data sheets and other procurement technical documents.

General Equipment-Beltjacketed mixing container2015-Nanjing-PV Elite

a project mixing container: the lower end of the cylinder is provided with a jacket, the inner diameter of the equipment is 5300mm, the total height is about 13.5m, the medium characteristic is lethal, the volume is 195 cubic meters, and the main material is C.S 10276 composite plate. The design standard is ASME Ⅷ-1 and the calculation software is PV Elite.

Conventional Equipment-Special Material Heat Exchanger5-Shanghai-PV Elite

: heat exchange area 610m2, the main material of the tube process is C.S. 10276 composite plate, and the tube plate is C.S. Ti Zr three-layer composite of different materials. The design standard is ASME Ⅷ-1 and the calculation software is PV Elite.


Conventional Equipment-Design Case 201 of Double Tube Plate Heat Exchanger6-Shanghai-SW6

The tube side medium of the equipment is highly toxic, and a double tube plate structure is adopted. With the help of the latest software of SW6, the structure is checked and calculated.



Conventional Equipment-Tower Design Case 2015-shanghai-PV Elite

a project tower: the total height of the tower is about 46m. The assembly weight is 130t, the design standard is ASME Ⅷ-1, and the calculation software is PV Elite.


Pressure Vessel-Tower Construction ReinforcementStructurecase 2014-Nanjing-Ansys

a maintenance project: due to the serious corrosion of the middle cylinder, the equipment needs to replace the cylinder. during the construction process, the reinforcement structure should be used to temporarily support the equipment, and finite element analysis should be used to help customers check the strength and stability of the reinforcement structure.


Conventional Equipment-Water Treatmentindustryequipmentcase2016-Shanghai-SW6 & PV Elite

provides technical support and equipment design services for the water treatment industry, according to HG/T 20696-1999,JB/T 2932-1999,GB 150-2011,ASME. VIII.Div. 1. Standard design of glass fiber reinforced plastic tanks, plastic tanks, pressure vessels, ladder platforms, steel structure platforms, pressure vessels, container containers and other equipment, and provide technical support for equipment suppliers such as filters.


Scaling Heat Exchanger-Nanjing-Aspen EDR

the heat exchanger was seriously fouled before renovation, and it would stop for overhaul within 1 to 2 months on average, which seriously affected the normal production and operation. Based on the analysis of the fouling causes of the heat exchanger, the renovation scheme was proposed, and the structure of the heat exchanger was reformed, and the fouling phenomenon was obviously improved after renovation. The picture shows the structure before and after the transformation: (screenshot)


Heat Exchange Equipment-Nanjing-Aspen EDR

, the heat exchanger of a device causes medium leakage due to the vibration of heat exchange tubes, resulting in corrosion under scale, thus causing equipment leakage to fail. The heat exchange tube at the junction of the heat exchange tube and the baffle plate is worn, and a large area of ulcer-like corrosion pits occur on the outer surface of the tube bundle. Through the failure reason analysis, the transformation scheme is proposed: eliminate vibration, completely solve the problem of heat exchange tube leakage, transform the heat exchange tube bundle, and at the same time, in order to prevent the concentration of harmful ions in the process water, a sewage outlet is added to strengthen the discharge of concentrated sewage at the lower part of the shell side. The following figure shows the structure before and after the transformation: (screenshot)

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